About us

Gilan Trading Ltd. has been engaged in export, processing (roasting, packing) and distribution of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits since early 90’s.

Our main brand is the Kalifa covers a wide range of products. The nationwide well-known sortiment has become one of the most significant player on the grocery and retail market.

Our partners are other wholesalers, chain stores, bakeries and confectioneries. We are proud of our market leader position in Hungary regarding export and processing of Walnuts and Poppy Seeds.

Thanks to the stable business successes the Gilan Trading Ltd. had built a modern factory and warehouse in 2001. Having noted thecontinually increasing demand of customers for the Kalifa-products, further developments took place: the area of offices and roasting hall rooms have been enlarged, the warehouse has been modernized, the number of vehicles has multiplied beyond that further production lines with high capacity and technology were installed. The goal of these investments was to meet the increasing and changing commercial and customer requirements of the market.

Our main goal is to meet all the trading expectations and the increasing needs of the market.The market of dried fruits and oil seeds dynamically developing due to spread of healthy life style. Kalifa-products are important part of healthy diet because they are rich of vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, fibers.

The mission of the company is to popularize healthy eating habits in Hungary beyond that to make Hungarian cuisine more special via the introduction of the Mediterranean culinary culture into the life of Hungarian people.

As expert of Mediterranean the Gilan Trading Ltd. purchase directly from the growers hence the good quality and reasonable price is ensured. The excellent quality raw materials are processed by the most up-to-date technology being controlled by IFS and HACCP quality insurance system.